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Welcome to my madness. Below you will find some hidden treasures of the web that we have developed over time at Brophy. Some websites are broken due to being moved, or lost links, etc. so tread lightly and with care. If you have any problems, or questions relating to the links below, please email me at

Feel free to use any of the tools or reference for your own use.

Recent/Existing Websites
(In no particular order. These are the most current sites we have worked on.)
Web Development Studies
(At least the ones I can show you without having to kill you. PHP, MySQL & Javascript studies)
(Below are some of the various tools we have made over the years. This is by NO means a complete list tools, and PHP/MySQL/Javascript coding studies.) Old Websites
(In no particular order. Take care that some of these are very old and may not be fully functional due to antiquity, support systems removed, deprecation, or moved/lost links.)