Shipping Order
  1. Order recieved via a spreadsheet in email
  2. Cleanup spreadsheet for import in MyCharge (FileMaker solution)
    1. Standardize product names to match database of products
    2. Cleanup obvious errors and missing information, like addresses, etc.
  3. Import spreadsheet to MyCharge
  4. Validate addresses via NRG FedEx Ship (FileMaker solution) in MyCharge
  5. Resolve any invalid addresses
  6. Prepare package to ship via a shipping list in MyCharge
  7. Change status to shipped and print a FedEx shipping label
    At this point:
    1. Inventory count has been decremented
    2. A shipment request is made to FedEx
    3. Package is ready for drop off for SmartPost
Inventory Management
  1. Recieve inventory of products
  2. Count and verify quantity recieved
  3. Add to MyCharge inventory
Date: 6/19/2015