We are Brophy – a creative production studio serving global brands and creative agencies. We are experts at managing and executing print, packaging, design, digital, CGI, and video projects.

Brophy started as a photoengraver in 1939 with an eye for detail, design, and color, and we continue this focus to ensure quality in everything we do. We preserve our independent spirit as a family-owned company while fostering a collaborative culture for our team, our partners, and, most of all, our clients. We earn trust by consistently creating innovative solutions for ever-evolving marketing needs.

Independent Collaborators

When the right team is working on a project, that’s when the magic happens. We bring the right people together to deliver the highest quality at the scale you need. Brophy is big enough to have reach for global companies, but small enough that your work is always a priority.

Trusted to Deliver

We have built a 75-year reputation delivering work that creates sales and brand value. We are trusted in our industry to deliver on time, on budget, and always to your expectations.

Pioneers of Production

Our team is connected by a desire to tinker. We draw on our own experiences and other disciplines to make new ideas and projects that stand out in the marketplace. Just as important, we accelerate your time to market by constantly refining our process and techniques.

Detroit Soul

We deliver work around the world, but our home is Detroit, Michigan. Brophy has seen a post-war boom, civil unrest, city bankruptcy, community resolve, and now a great comeback story — all from our vantage point in the Milwaukee Junction neighborhood of Midtown. We support Detroit’s cultural gems and its beautification. We are excited every day when artists, entrepreneurs, and existing businesses realize the opportunities Detroit has to offer.



Production management, photography, CG, retouching, mechanicals, prepress, proofreading, proofing, print buying.


Engineering, design, CG, photography, retouching, prepress, versioning, file prep, prototyping, color management.


Branding, identity, collateral, campaign execution.


Content creation, sites, apps, augmented reality.


Design, concept, modeling, HDRI 360 domes, compositing, animation, real-time rendering, 2-D and 3-D tracking.


Ideation, scripting, preproduction, shoot, post management, editing, CG, motion design.



We work with clients and creative agencies to produce advertisements, collateral, catalogs, direct mail, out-of-home, and point-of-purchase material. Delivering world-class quality and customer service, we provide asset management, layout, prepress, versioning, and print buying.


Brophy provides comprehensive packaging production solutions for our clients. Whether you need individual services such as file preparation or prototyping, or a full-service process from concept to the shelf, Brophy ensures that brand consistency is maintained wherever the package is printed.


Leave the color correction and compositing to the artists at Brophy. We prepare your photography and CG imagery for market, giving you the desired look you need.


Brophy offers tailored 3-D production solutions for design and marketing needs. Our designers sculpt, light, and animate your products and environments. We help the design team visualize products further upstream, help creatives perform impossible camera moves, and help brand managers get the perfect angle for their products every time.



Brophy partners with Brad Phillips and his company, Black Sedan Production, for creative concepts, TV commercials and online content. Brad produces and directs projects for leading brands such as Ford, Chevrolet, Carhartt, Pure Michigan, and Boyne Resorts, and for agencies like Team Detroit, Leo Burnett, Duffy Petrosky, and Goodby Silverstein & Partners. When he was Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson, Brad led a team that won five Effies and Best of Show-Television at the D Show Awards. At JWT, he created award-winning, integrated campaigns for premier brands like Bosch, Shell, and White Castle.



Brophy represents Charles Hopkins, one of the world's leading transportation photographers. His clients include Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Lexus, Acura, Honda, Nissan USA/Middle East, Toyota, Ford, Chrysler, GMC, Mazda USA/Japan, Jeep, UPS, Polaris, Disney, and Learjet. He has extensive experience with CG lighting supervision as well as capturing backplates and HDRI light domes for seamless rendering integration. Charles is based in Los Angeles and shoots both studio and location assignments worldwide.


Brophy represents Boswell, one of Detroit’s premier photographers with global credentials. Boswell focuses on editorial fashion, architecture, beauty, and portraiture, working with global titans and some of Michigan’s leading boutique brands. His clients include Dior, Neiman Marcus, Ambassador magazine, Tapper’s Diamonds & Fine Jewelry, Optik Birmingham, and Scavolini by Cucina Moda.


The rate of change in marketing continues to accelerate. Independent studios and software companies
emerge, merge, and die. The chaos seems unmanageable in an era where production involves so many
media deliverables.

Over the past 75 years, Brophy has consistently delivered magic for its clients and their brands. We are constantly looking to stay ahead of the curve, developing unique solutions using the latest tools. Our independent spirit allows us to easily evolve and manage the constantly changing world of production for our clients.

Image and type combination on engraving plates for newspaper.

Digital retouching made possible by progress in computer graphics.

Color-accurate remote proofing.

Meeting the needs of our clients in 52 countries and 17 languages. Reach out to be a part of
what’s next.





Founded at 409 E. Jefferson Avenue in Detroit.


Color scanning, reproducing images in a fraction of the time.


3-D data used for CG vehicle imagery in print
and motion.


Augmented reality brings
the physical world to life.



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